For all Veterinarians

To not to use laboratory animals anymore

Living in an animal-friendly era

In accordance with the "3R Principles", we develop, manufacture, and sell various animal models so that students who aim to be veterinarians without using actual animals can learn the technology.

Feel free to contact us if you have a prototype of a model or if you have a consultation that "it would be easier to educate if there was such a model".

Lustertech,Inc. can meet your wide range needs!

【Main business】
Modeling....We develop and make models for Medical, Dental and Veterinarian field.
Translation...Transcribing(Japanese/English), translation(Japanese/English), making instruction manuals, making documents for import & export, making sales documents.
Consultant Business...Finding out import/export customers, negotiation with overseas companies, finding business clients, planning domestic academic meetings/lectures, consultant for publishing.
Presentation...Image processing, web creation, digital material creation, E-learning contents creation, movie creation, schema drawing, web page creation.
Hardware...making hardware with CCD cameras, hardware with infrared cameras, High-speed image analyzer, video system.

【Company profile】
company name: Lustertech, Inc.
established: 10th, October 2008
location: 3F Suncity bldg., 4-14-5, Gonokami, Hamura-city, Tokyo 205-0011 JAPAN
TEL: +81 42-578-9725
FAX: +81 42-578-9726
financing banks: Mitsubishi UFJ, Tama Shinkin bank, Kiraboshi bank
main customers: (domestic)National Universities, Private Universities, Major medical publishers
(overseas)Championship Productions(USA), Medcom Inc.(USA), Realityworks, CPD solutions(UK), Edinburgh University(UK),
Green star media(UK), Osteocom(Italy), Erler Zimmer (Germany), Veterinary Simulator Industries(Canada) etc...

  • 3F Suncity bldg., 4-14-5, Gonokami, Hamura-city, Tokyo


Import and Export Contacting and negotiating with abroad companies



We accept Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation services.



Image analysis device development Video system development


Company name: Lustertech,Inc.

CEO: Keiji Sugasawa

Location:3F, Suncity bldg., 4-14-5, Gonokami,

Hamura-city, Tokyo 205-0011 JAPAN

TEL:  +81 42-578-9725 

FAX:  +81 42-578-9726


Price: Displaying on each item

Shipping cost: Depends on the destinations(worldwide) but usually 4,000 yen by EMS(Japanese postal service). If you prefer other carrier, let us know.

How to order: By phone, by FAX, by E-mail, or via this website.

How to pay: You should transfer the money via bank.

You should make a payment in advance within 1 week after you order.

If we can't confirm the transfer after 1 week, it will be automatically canceled.

Customers should be responsible for bank transfer fees.

Product delivery: We ship to anywhere in the world. 

However, it may not be delivered to some areas such as remote islands.

In-stock items will usually be delivered within 2 days after ordering/confirming the payment, domestic made-to-order products within 2-3 weeks, and imported products within 2-3 months.

Return Policy: In the unlikely event that the product is damaged during shipment or arrives in an incorrect order, we will replace it. 

Within 7 days after the item arrives, please return the product by courier with freight collect.

We cannot accept exchanges or returns other than the above cases, but if you have any questions when the item arrives, please inform us by e-mail or telephone.